Friday, July 23, 2010

what a stupid week

I really don't know where to begin... How about with last Saturday when we were sitting on the back deck in the sun, and I decided to ring mum cos I hadn't spoken to her for a couple of weeks. Mum is over 80 and 'forgetful' .So I ring up 'oh hi mum it's me! How are you?' and I was met with 'oh how long have you been back?' I am a little confused as we saw her 2 weeks before and gave her a present... anyway I told her that we had been back for 2 weeks and she told me off for only ringing her then. Oh dear. I just kept  on with whatever I wanted to talk about and hoped she hadn't noticed. The Perils of a Dotty Parent!
Then back to work to do battle with the financially insane trying to get them to understand that if they don't pay their bills, it ain't my fault. 20 years and I'm still struggling with that. I love the way everything is someone else's fault. Mostly mine. So I have instituted a new policy in the workplace - called Blame the Temp. Seems to be working. And it is terrifically popular. The 'tropical moments' 5 cent tin is coming along a treat - we will soon be able to afford a battery operated personal fan to cool us down when things get hot.
Now to the funniest thing this week. On Thursday I walked into work, to find my chair and desk covered in streamers, balloons, party lolly bags and a metre or so blow up man with a fake hairy chest and a sign that said 'Old Spice Guy'. But it isn't my birthday yet I said! It's NEXT Thursday. I was accused of lying for some time, then Karen the boss moaned 'but I bought you cupcakes!!!'. So down came all the party decorations for a week, but we ate the un-birthday cakes anyway. And ever since every time someone walks past I get wished Happy Un-Birthday. Gee thanks everyone.
I had to bring the leftover cakes home on a delayed train that had the air con set to 'Stun and Suffocate' so they looked a bit sad by the time they got here, but they still taste GOOOOOOD.

I now get to spend the weekend helping to write a chapter for the guide book about staying long term in Kathmandu doing logistics for someone doing the Great Himalaya Trail. Oh joy!!!
And here is Nonna, Robin and Billi at our very classy wine and cheese party at our place in Kathmandu, but why is there Sprite on the table???


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