Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's SALE time in Sydney

And thank goodness for that. The state of my smalls (well, mediums actually) after being washed in the water from the not very clean Bagmati for months is quite deplorable - I certainly wouldn't want to get run over and be taken to hospital in some of them. Good thing it's stocktake sale time and it's bargains bargains bargains!

So I made it back to work with hearty hugs and greetings, and sat down at the desk to reacquaint myself with the same old debtors.  After 4 months they still aren't paying! Makes me feel like this...

Going to Leichhardt Marketown makes me feel like that too. OMG had to go there with Robin yesterday because Target (also known as Red Spot Boutique) had socks and jocks on sale. The Target undies dry heaps quicker than so-called travel undies, and are miles cheaper too. Anyway, we aren't really mall people, and there we were stumbling around on a Saturday morning trying vainly to cope, when we heard a mother yelling "Atticus come back here!" ATTICUS??? What were they thinking? And they then called their other kid, whose name we misheard as 'Mucus' - surely not. Why do people so such awful things to their kids.
So now Robin is starting his tour of Oz for World Expeditions to publicise the WE GHT treks starting next year. If you are interested in going to one of the presentations, or even signing up for a trek, click on GHT treks and info nights.
Meanwhile, Lakshmi the Wonder Cat has dodgy guts and is on the dry food diet, our nephew Miraj got 89% in his SLC in Nepal, and the weather here is cold and wet. I am enjoying being back in the kitchen cooking up all my favourites, and of course being able to enjoy wine is a real plus.
We still aren't sure what our plans are for the rest of the year, so if anyone has any bright ideas do let me know. Robin might go to the UK to see family and I would love to go to a Thai beach.
I am missing Nepal heaps, especially the crazy traffic, potholes, noise, dodgy lettuce, Sams Bar, Northfield Cafe for breakfast, and of course all our friends and family there.

Here's our family in Sydney: Princess Lakshmi the Wonder Cat (I wonder were she's leaving landmines now?) who is always happy to see us (well in fact anyone who might feed her). She's too cute AND she knows it.

Right then, time for a bit of ironing and then a relax methinks.....

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