Sunday, July 4, 2010

There's no place like home

but I'm so cold I'd rather I was still in Nepal.
Well, what a busy week that was. As always there was a mile of last minute stuff to do, then on the morning we were leaving we realised as per usual that we had too much luggage and the bags were way too heavy, but luckily the hotel had a spare tote bag so we could spread the load a bit. Didn't make the total any smaller though! We managed to get away with 81 kilos of check thru all the way to Sydney. Mostly blasted books and maps....
After a 6 hour stopover in Bangkok it was back on the plane at midnight to get back home, where at least the sun was shining even though it was way too cold for me. And I don't think  I've warmed up since. Had a disaster with the home computer as well as the laptop so Robin spent the last 3 days trying to get them fixed - all better now thanks to the Apple man and a lot of persistence.I have no idea what happened to mine, but the IMac had a complete loss of all functions, and even the outside backup went missing. Too weird.
Princess Lakshmi the Wonder Cat was very pleased to see us and has been sleeping in bed or squeaking at us whenever we move  for the last 4 days. She might even be more annoyed than me when I have to get up early tomorrow and head for work.
God my hands are frozen just from typing this!
Robin now has a week to get organised for his talking tour for World Expedition, I still have junk to unpack, ironing to do for work and we're off to visit my family this arvo.
I miss Nepal already (especially the lovely warm weather) and we are about to start planning the next adventure.

This is our friend Theo with his lovely dog Elle. Theo has lived in Nepal for many years and always owns Bichon dogs. Our friends call him 'dogman'. Elle is cute as can be and loves to play with everyone.

Right then I'm off to try to warm up and get organised. I'll let you know this week how our nephew in Nepal went in the SLC exams, and how much fun work is!

See you later...


  1. the BIG news is that ELLE, Theo's favorite Bichon Companion, is pregnant and guess what?.....she is going to have one or two puppies because as everyone knows, well-bred bichons never have more!
    The date for the big event is a closely held secret but December 2012 looks like a good bet!

    Great photo Judy...but now you must come back to take another: a new photo of ELLE en famille!

    1. Hey Theo that is fantastic. Hope to see you next year!