Saturday, July 17, 2010

winter is so much fun...not

I even had to resort to gloves yesterday morning, and when I got to work my reading glasses were so cold I had to wait 10 minutes before I put them on. Brr.
Robin did presentations in Sydney and Brissy this week about the World Ex GHT trips next year. Very enjoyable, and there are now 4 people signed up for the whole thing, and good on them.
So what else has been happening? Well, Tri Nations rugby has started so we are about to head across the road to the house of foxtel to watch NZ hopefully thrash the cheating thugs from South Africa.. And of course we don't hold much hope for the Wallabies next week but we will watch it nevertheless. We do love our rugby and dinner!
Work is still good - no idea how long that will last but it keeps me off the streets.
There are 2 of us now in Collections at work who are 'women of a certain age' suffering 'tropical moments' where we have to rip our cardies off while we sweat for a bit. So we are putting 5 cents in a jar every time it happens and will buy ourselves a treat in a few weeks. How stupid.
Still missing Kathmandu, but the other day as I was on the train to work I was reminded why, despite all the things about Sydney that annoy me, I love Sydney. The train came out of the tunnel at Circular Quay, and there was a big cruise ship, the Opera House and the ferry pulling under, all under a steel grey sky with fluffy clouds. And then the next day it was clear bright blue sky and green water. Just gorgeous. 
So who will be the new PM of Nepal next week? I'm putting my money on it NOT being someone form the maoists, even though that is probably just hat the country needs. I think it willbe some old fool who has no idea about anything, just like all the rest of them.

Here's a pic of me and Robin in the Everest region a couple of years ago when he started on the GHT project.

Bye for now.

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