Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh no the holiday is OVER!!!

Yes unfortunately today is my last weekday of bumming around. Not that I have been sitting on the lounge eating cream buns all day anyway! There' s been the excitement of exterior house painting (which made me cross), doctors visits (which made me cross), dealing with a whole bunch of stuff about mum (which made me bemused), and cooking great new cakes (which made me fat). And of course lots of laundry.
The cakes I have been making have come from a great blog I discovered -  The Caked Crusader. I can highly recommend everything I've made so far - check it out if you like cakes.  
Here in Sydney we have escaped the rain and fires that seem to be everywhere else in Australia, but the weather has been oppressively hot and sticky. Not to mention mozzie city every evening. But at least we have a house to get bitten in!
I've been planting some lemongrass by the back door hoping that might have a positive effect - nothing to report yet but it's early days.
My sister Di and I are trying to sort out mum's finances as it looks like she will need to get into a hostel care type place. She is forgetting to eat and take her tablets, and she has this obsession with turning off and unplugging the TV and the electric chair (if only it was) and then wondering why nothing bloody works! All because some silly old goat told her it saves 'thousands' on an electricity bill. Yeah but what about when she falls over at the powerpoint and nobody discovers her for days?  And although we got her a motorised (electric!!) chair with only 2 buttons she cannot work it out. It is truly painful to watch - but also funny in an odd way. I do feel bad, but as a friend said there's only say 47% of mum there anyway. And that's on a good day.
Only a few weeks now till Robin heads off to Nepal and the cat and I will have the house to ourselves. Who am I going to shout at then?
Today Robin got his orthotics from a  wonderful place locally which also made my orthotics many years ago. They make them a completely different way to regular places and I've never had any trouble with them. I can recommend them if you are in the market for some extra foot support.
Got a few mates coming for a lunchtime barbecue tomorrow - always a good excuse for Robin to eat some steak that I won't let him cook in the house.

Thought you might like to see my wonderful frangipani tree with Lakshmi the Wonder Cat lazing about hoping for some lunch!

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