Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more medical news

seems to me that we are going to be busy with all sorts of medical stuff in between trips now. I am still busy physio-ing  my knees (which are proving particularly recalcitrant), Robin has discovered that his sore tooth seems to be caused by sinus trouble (so no surgery needed) and I have just returned from a fabulous colonoscopy. Don't know if it was fun as I was knocked out, but I enjoyed the sleep and there's nothing wrong with me - always good to know when my sister had bowel cancer and my grandfather died from it. Funny thing - not allowed to eat anything for 36 hours before the test so I had to drink lots of strained chicken noodle soup (YUCKO) and I never want to see it again. So just now I was sitting on the lounge with Puss gazing at the Franklins catalogue when I turned the page to see Cup a Soup Chicken Noodle on SPECIAL!!!! :)
So apart from keeping the medical fraternity in golf clubs, what else has been happening? More visitors over the weekend kept us fed and busy- shame it wasn't recycling collection today!
The weather on Sunday was perfect for yet another barbie with the guests - Robin is very much enjoying that new addition to the premises.
Mummy Dearest goes from lucid to loopy and back again but as long as she spends most of her time in the lucid zone we're happy.
My old school celebrated it's 50th anniversary last week - I'm amazed it lasted so long! 3 cheers for Bankstown Girls' High.
Good to see that Nepal has now had 4 attempts to find a new PM and failed miserably every time. Can't see them finishing the constitution if they can't even pick between 2 candidates....
And hasn't the weather in Pakistan, India, Nepal and China been dreadful? I heard today that the Pakistan floods have affected more people than the tsumani and the Haiti earthquake put together. My friend Billi who works for the UN in Islamabad is having a very tough time trying to cope with it, although she isn't directly affected.

And I am hungry.....

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