Sunday, November 20, 2011

here comes the sun mmmm

 At last us 'valley denizens' can get our clothes dry, heat our shower water and warm up. It is truly marvellous that the sun came out after 5 days of dreary. I seem to have started an unofficial facebook club of laundry lovers here in the 'du. And we are all very excited of course.

Our mates Neal and Rhonda leave this evening for Honkers then Sydney - we spent some time this morning in the cargo place cross the road organising to send 41k of 'stuff' back home, so I dropped some of Robin's blasted books and maps in so I have more room in the bag for my important stuff.
It brightened my day!
Well I have finally  managed to extricate my laptop from sir, so here are some pics from the rafting trip:

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