Friday, November 18, 2011

Back from the wild west

What a great trip we had to the jungle, when the flight finally left. We had a jungle walk in the afternoon where we saw nothing, then the next morning at 4 am (whose stupid idea was that?) we drove for 3 hours to get to the raft put-in point. I was not amused.
Drifting down the Babai river was wonderful, so peaceful, and there were just some small rapids where we sometimes got stuck and had to get out and drag. Lunched along the way and then set up camp beside the river. The following day we drifted a bit more till we got to the Mahendra Highway where we had to finish. Along the way we saw crocs, a wild bull elephant, otters, a huge sambar deer and loads of beautiful birds. We did not however see a tiger, even back in the jungle... But we did have prints on the beach where we camped. We finished the rafting near an army camp, so as we were waiting for our lift of course 2 of the boys came over to chat to us and get their photo taken. When I can get to my laptop I'll download some photos, but Robin has been updating software and things aren't going to plan...Gosh that sounds like a "what I did on my holidays" composition from 4th class!
Our flight back here was delayed by 2 hours so we had a free cabaret at Nepalgunj when a drunk Nepali businessman spent at least half an hour abusing airline staff. What a dick. Also met an Aussie pilot and ended up in Sams with him till the wee hours - he hadn't arranged a place to stay so he got to sleep on our floor on the downmat with a sleeping bag. See how nice we are by rescuing people!
Once again the Lukla flights have not been leaving - I think it is pretty hilarious but I may be alone on that one...
Tonight we are off to Dwarikas for the posh barbecue. I hope they have heaters there as the
weather has been very cold for this time of year - about 6 at night and no sun during the day. it is seriously interfering with my laundry efforts.
enjoy your weekend.

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