Monday, November 7, 2011

Greetings from the gym

That's right I am back into it and I guess it is a good idea... try telling that to my knees though. At least I don't feel quite so guilty about having a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch afterwards.
Well people are still 'stranded' in Lukla although about 20 flights got out yesterday (which would be about 300 people) and I am pleased to say that most of my friends here are of the opinion that these people are not so much stranded as useless, lazy and want to have something to complain about. No doubt when they all get back they will be able to whinge about the lack of hotel rooms in Katty and the unavailability of flights to wherever they are going next. That's what usually happens anyway. Why should this year be any different? One friend has suggested I record a 2 minute rant for Youtube and we can make it go viral. I'm thinking maybe not...
On the social front I have been very busy with friends arriving to go trekking (to Everest but I changed their minds for them), helping an Aussie mate here with his office, and gossiping.
Yesterday afternoon we had a big storm here which caught a few people unawares, and then the weather got really really cold. I didn't get to the ATM and didn't fell like going at night so I had enough money to buy a dodgy kebab (which actually wasn't dodgy) to go with the beers at Sams, which I didn't leave till midnight. Dirty stop out. Tonight is my last singles night so I am going to make the most of it. Maybe. Depends on whether I make it to the ATM...
So BSR arrives tomorrow, on the wings of this magnificently not quite right article from Indian media. I had no idea he was an 'ace mountaineer' (or as my friend put it 'mace mountaineer'). Oh someone from Sams wants to know how many woolly hats without bobbles you can get from an average sheep. Any ideas? We googled it but didn't get an answer. It's really important or I wouldn't ask...
I have a feeling that I am going to get some snide remarks about the messy state of our room here, so I am thinking that maybe I should try to tidy it up a bit before sir comes tomorrow. Trouble is I am still looking for some things so everything is just kinda spread everywhere - and I have to get all my warm clothes out as well as stuff for the jungle extravaganza later this week.
I can hear the ATM calling out to me.. I had better pack up and get out there before people coming from Lukla get all the money. 

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