Thursday, October 6, 2011

Festival Fabric Shopping Bonanza

Couldn't decide! So I bought the lot.

Ah Nehru Place, what a fine address for fabrics. The 4 at the top (jersey and georgette) are for copies of dresses I currently own, and the 3 cottons at the bottom are for kurta shirts. Tomorrow I will have to go the the tailor in Khan market to begin the process of copy and sew (as opposed to copy and paste). Hey, one of the fabrics is plain! Louela, a lovely Indian teacher who lives where I am staying, came with me, and kept saying "Oh Judy you pick such bright colours. Just like a peacock!" then laughing away. We ran out of money so had to come back home. But before shopping we fortified ourselves with a dosa lunch from the place in Green Park, AB, and some sweets from downstairs. Don't think I shall need much dinner.
As it is Dussehra today I might wander to the park to see if there are any fireworks going on. I saw the locals were busy putting up decorations etc when I got back form the shops. Apparently that is the done thing in Delhi. All afternoon trucks were going on the main road with statues of gods and goddesses and loads of boys playing drums and singing. Could be fun!
If you have been watching Robin's Spot page you will see they didn't get too far today. Maybe it was too cold. Maybe he had a birthday lie in. I wouldn't know.....

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  1. ah the fireworks have started and I almost spilled my cocktail!