Thursday, October 6, 2011

email success!

Don't know why I didn't think of this solution earlier. Instead of emailing yahoo Australia who were clearly in 'grand final long weekend who gives a rats' mode, I emailed Yahoo India and got fixed in an hour. Of course, India is the home of the help desk. Foolish woman!
And my cable finally got up and running so I can enjoy the Rugby World Cup, T20 cricket and news that I can understand. I told you last year about the shouty flashy news here and it hasn't improved. One I saw last night had about 6 different flashy things going on at once while the reporter shouted from out the front of some building. Pass the paracetamol.
My eye infection is getting better too. Pity I can't use my new contact lenses just yet. Hey get this, I was at the shop in Khan market the other day and the man said oh, we can have those for you about 7 this evening can you come back? Oh no, I said, I don't have a driver (all foreigners here have a driver as you'd be nuts to try it yourself), so he said well madam where are you living we will deliver them for you. So later a little man on a motorbike came with my 3 boxes of contact lenses which cost me $100 Aussie and no fee for delivery. Think I might get some more!
The noisy tamasha out the back was some south Indian christians and their max volume was much louder than mine so it was rather difficult trying to watch a murder mystery. Not only do I have no idea whodunnit, I have no idea what they did!
I am off for south Indian dosas for lunch then fabric shopping to get copies of some of my expensive dresses.
No further news from Brave sir Robin (it is his birthday today) and the girls. I don't expect a phone call for a week or so, but I should get a Spot most days.
Make sure you check out the shared page to see where he is. And sympathise with me trying to do a weather forecast that he probably won't get. I think I should just say clear and cold and leave it at that.
And RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks for making computers and software even I can understand.
See ya later

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