Monday, March 29, 2010

Greeting from IG Airport

well here I am at stupid o'clock using Delhi domestic airport's free wifi. I LOVE it. You just type in your mobile # and an SMS comes straight thru with your logon details. We're off to Guwahati in Assam shortly and Pema, who came from Kathmandu yesterday, is very excited. He was AMAZED at the airport yesterday when he flew in, so you can imagine his excitement as he was driving around Delhi on a Sunday afternoon - wide roads, trees and vaguely sensible driving. It was all quite funny.
The last time I was in the domestic airport here was about 13 years ago so I am pretty impressed with what they have done. In fact I am pretty impressed with everything Delhi has done and even though there is some doubt that things will be finished in time for the Commonwealth Games they are giving it their best shot.
So what have we been doing the last few days - going out is a very short term affair as it is so very hot here you need to be back home by lunchtime or you will melt. We went to a book market yesterday but all we got was hot. Caught up with a few friends, had some drinkies and Robin has entertained himself by coughing almost constantly. Lovely.
I have paid to join a local hotel swimming pool and I am looking forward to that when I get back from Assam on Wednesday - it's about the only exercise option that won't kill you in this heat! And after all the food we have been gobbling down it's a very good idea.
Anyway, better sign off and find the boarding gate. Besides, it's way too early for me to keep nattering away.
Bye for now

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