Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Fun

Well it didn't start off as much fun - I had the random phone calls from Qatar - started at 12.30 and went for about 45 minutes. Many Nepali people have gone to work overseas and call home on a regular basis, and this fellow was obviously trying to phone home but had the wrong number. Repeatedly. No matter how many times I tried to explain that I didn't know who he was trying to call, and that this was MY phone number which I had had for 2 years, he insisted that last week he spoke to his friend on it. He wouldn't give up so after I hung up a few times, and then let him shout into the pillow since he was convinced he had the right number, the phone got turned off and I managed to get some sleep.
And of course last night was the play at the British Embassy 'The Importance of Being Earnest'. it was a surprisingly good production, and my acquaintance Adele who played Cecily was hilarious. The man who played Lady Bracknell had everybody in stitches. I think it fair to say that a good night was had by all, and the buffet afterwards certainly got cleaned out in a hurry.
Robin called me briefly from somewhere or other yesterday, but the connection was absolutely dreadful, so I said I would call him back. I spent the next 90 minutes trying to do just that. What a waste of time. Friday afternoons/evenings are terrible for the phone system here because everyone is trying to organise their one day off (Saturday) and the system just can't cope. I spoke to Robin this morning and he made it to Simikot about 9ish and is trying to get on the last flight out to get to Nepalganj today and catch the late afternoon flight to cone back here. Of course, I've not heard back so am none the wiser but I will just have to wait and see. The fun of logistics never stops.
And the big local news, apart from the fact the the former PM (several times) GP Koirala is once again 'on the way out' (well he is 87) is that the cops raided the Babylon disco yesterday morning at 8am and found 356 school students (mostly in their uniforms)who were 'dancing, lying on the floor and some were committing lewd acts'. Apparently. The students were outraged that they were arrested and taken to the infamous Hanumandhoka lockup (a most unsavoury place)and their parents are horrified to see their little darlings on the front pages of the newspaper. Well of course. I am outraged that the normal entrance fee is Rs200, but on Friday mornings at 8am it is Rs50 - schoolies special price perhaps. I may have to go there one Friday morning and check it out - NOT.
Oh and a great photo today in the paper of a chap in some kind of patterned overalls with one of those backpack spray thingies squirting a bicycle while the bemused owner looked on. The caption? " A member of the Rapid Response team disinfects a bicycle in Nawalparasi to avert the spread of bird flu". Thank goodness for the Rapid Response Team.
OOOH Robin just rang - he got out of Simikot to Surket and is now about 3 hours drive away from Nepalganj. Time for Basecamp team to try to change his flights from tomorrow to this afternoon. Wish me luck.

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  1. And I can now report that Robin is on his way from Nepalganj, and Mr Girija Prasad Koirala passed away at about 12 noon today. Many Nepalis will be sad, as he was viewed as the man who brokered the peace deal with the Maoists which ended the dreadful 10 years of civil war. May his soulfind peace.