Sunday, January 22, 2012

Busy as a one armed paper hanger with an itch

That's what this week has been like. I managed to avoid having anyone come over on Monday night to say bye bye birdie to Robin so we got to spend a little time together, before I had to leave him when I went to work on Tuesday. Predictably I was a sooky lala for most of the day but toughed it out to hang in there at the office and receive endless messages from sir about the luggage, the queues, the excess baggage charge and the rip off refreshment prices. He got charged excess luggage by THAI (but really he DID have 60 kg and they only charged him $208 for a couple of kilos) but I think he did pretty well to squeeze himself and all his luggage onto the chockers jumbo. After 12 hours in Bangers airport he then got to Kathmandu where they had to have 3 goes at landing cos the one runway was full as 8 flights landed at once - sounds like the local supermarket car park on Saturdays! Anyway, he finally made it into town and the hotel where he was only going to spend a couple of nights before moving to the 'luxury' apartment - remember the one with 24 hour electricity GUARANTEED.
Well what can I say: not 24 hour electricity, no hot water into the kitchen (what, you mean you wash up in HOT water?), no glass in one of the windows in the loungeroom (he found that out after his first night there and it was 0 degrees), no gas connected to the gas cooktop, no drinking water and I can't remember what else. Such an adventure. Oh and the shower curtains I bought him at Red Spot Boutique didn't have curtain rings. And his helper threw a box down the stairs which contained the glasses. Oh and a bottle of beer exploded all inside his new fridge. I'd better stop now.....
He had his first dinner party last night which despite being deprived of electricity seems to have gone well. But I do wish he would stop sending SMS messages like 'how much baking powder do I add to flour for pastry' and 'what spices do I need for nachos'. Strewth.
The view where I get off the train...
I meanwhile have been working away very busily (for not much result it must be said) but I get to wander around the Botanical Gardens in my lunch break which I rather enjoy. Every night since Robin left I have been out for dinner so I am looking forward to a quiet one this evening....
Have a great week and stay tuned for more adventures!

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