Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If that was a holiday we had it.

And what fun it was! We made the tight connection in Dellhi despite having to circle for a long time before we landed - mind you getting a lift in one of the golf buggy thingys to the transit area was kinda helpful. and then we ran. How dignified.
Dambulla - decorated by someone on LSD
Colombo is a pleasant city and very clean - and you should try the Galle Face Hotel while you are there. We toured around for 7 days round Kandy,  Polonnaruwa and the tea areas, then stopped in Galle to catch the test cricket before we hit the beach. Which was a mixed bag really. It was too rough to swim so we played coconut bowling, and the hotel we stayed in was truly diabolical : it was like living in an episode of Fawlty Towers only we weren't laughing. They ran out of ice for drinks, they ran out of bread for toast, they delivered meals you had not ordered and their 'signature chocolate mousse' came out of a packet. Don't get me started on the flies. Or the 3 different mattresses we tried in an attempt to get a half decent sleep. Or the Dumb and Dumber team at reception - I'd have had more luck talking to an axelotl. So we bailed early (without getting a refund of our up front payment - so we didn't pay our drinks bill) and went back to Colombo. If you need a dinner set Colombo is the place as all Noritake crockery is made there and you can get a 95 piece set (that's a lot to wash up!) for about a thousand dollars. But I'm not sure how you get it back home. And girls, the Triumph shop has very reasonable prices! That's bras, not bikes.
The weird Cannonball Tree in Kandy Botanical Gardens (which are fabulous)

So yesterday morning we had to get up before we went to bed to catch the early morning Colombo Delhi flight before getting back to Katty in time for a dinner at the embassy last night. Phew.
Sunset - no filter

 More pics later - we have a huge storm here now and I think I'd better stop.

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